Your Money & Your Bills Done for You

We handle it all. Every month we:

  • Pay your bills
  • Track where everything went
  • Make sure you didn't miss anything
  • Show it all in one page in your secure online account

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“Money Butler has made our finances so clear and simple now!” Aly Brewer

The Spark

People are too busy to stay on top of everything that affects their money

We have seen too many smart, hard working people not get ahead financially because there is just too much to learn, manage and stay on top of. Especially while caring for their growing family, advancing their career, and making room for fun in between it all. We created Money Butler to help you get stronger financially without all the management headache.

Our Vision

To be your partner, helping manage your day-to-day finances so you don’t have to worry about it

We want to do it all for you

Create and follow a budget

Keep you from missing anything

Get you free from bad debt

Build wealth in a way that works for you

Meet you at whatever stage you’re at


It starts with one-on-one service

No More DIY

You get your very own Money Butler that will be there through thick and thin, just like Alfred and Mr. Belvedere, supporting you fully, while providing sage advice at just the right time.

Core Services

We pay your bills, put money in savings and keep track of your progress in our easy to understand online dashboard that you can check any time. We also keep you away from the Overdraft and Overlimit Monsters.

More to Come!

We’re planning on rolling out other great ways to help you, but want to focus on the fundamentals first.

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Money Butler will be rolling out late 2012.

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